Favorite Color - Violet. Favorite Food - Cheesy French Fries. Favorite drink - LemonDrop. Favorite Animal - Black Panther. Favorite Car - Scion FRS. Favorite Bands - NIN / Depeche Mode

Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals

"Them bats is smart; they use radar."



 "No tears please; it's a waste of good suffering."

Favorite Food - Peanut Butter. Favorite Beverage - Coke Zero. Favorite Animal - Liger (bred for its skills in magic). Favorite Car - Anything that isn't in the shop. Favorite Color - Blue...just blue. Favorite Bands - Kansas / Ben Folds Five.



 "If you don't know the correct path, walk slowly." 



Drums, Keyboards

Lead Vocals, Violin, Piano



Bass, Keyboards, Vocals

Meet the Band


Favorite Color - Chartreuse. Favorite Food - Grilled Salmon. Favorite Drink - Amaretto/Vodka Lemonade. Favorite Animal - Sex Panther (60% of the time, it works all the time). Favorite Car - Elliott Easton.  Favorite Bands - Sugarcult / Rush